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10 tips for starting and keeping a walking routine!

Tip 7

The fun of walking through unexplored streets!

One great tip to keep up a walking routine is to have other things to look forward to. This is where we think walking in urban areas can be great. Slowly walking through the city's streets, which you normally drive past or hastily rush through in your busy life or work, can uncover a plethora of new and exciting discoveries.

Learn about the city's history

During the Edo period through the early-Showa period, it was popular to record things in stone. Many stone monuments were raised during that time, and still stand silently in the hidden corners of Tokyo.
It is really surprising to learn how many stone monuments can be found around the city and in parks. We are particularly impressed with the memorial monuments. These stones tell stories of how each region was developed and mark locations of historical significance. They tell us of the passion of our predecessors. Looking for these monuments can add interest to your walking routine.

For more in-depth walks, follow ancient maps

Another fascinating subject is how the city has changed through time. Following ancient maps can give an extra depth to your walking routine.
You might learn where an old mansion used to stand, or that a certain area used to be a wetland.
You might find yourself drawn into an unexpectedly different world.
Ancient maps are easily found on the Internet and searchable by era. You might try different eras each month, like the Showa 30s (1955-1964) this month and the Edo period next month.

Many people are interested in the historical trajectory of their cities, and this can be a great conversation starter. Also, the stone monuments are often engraved with famous quotes and calligraphy.