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10 tips for starting and keeping a walking routine!

Tip 8

Finding destinations that refresh the body and mind

If you wish to escape from the cacophony of the city and find physical and emotional respite, this may be a good time to take advantage of "urban oases." The sound of chirping birds and running water, the sight of beautiful foliage, the fragrance of seasonal flowers, and more—nature has a way of truly refreshing the body and mind, and it is often not as inaccessible as we think. Adding these destinations to your daily walk can make it much more enjoyable.

Use local and municipal information

We recommend first looking for information regarding parks and green ways on the websites of your local city or district. You can find walking maps for each municipal on this website, so take some time to find information. You may be pleasantly surprised at how many parks and green ways Tokyo has. Many people are not aware that they live near such spaces. Search a particular park by its name to find more specific information.

Change your walking route by season or preference to help keep up your walking routine.