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10 tips for starting and keeping a walking routine!

Tip 10

Meeting people and making friends through walking

One way to keep up a walking routine is to have a group of friends. A great way to do this is to attend walking events. There are a variety of walking events with different agendas and held at different locations.

Making friends at events

Because walking can be enjoyed regardless of age or gender, there are many walking events held in a variety of locations.
These events are hosted by different groups and vary in scale. Some are hosted by local business districts, centered on walking the community's streets, while some are on a larger scale, including all of Tokyo. Why not start with a small event near you? You might unexpectedly make new friends in your community.
There are also theme-based events like "power spot" tours and cherry blossom tours. Through these events you can get to know people with similar interests.

Don't worry if you are shy

If you are shy or do not feel comfortable talking with people you have just met, try a guided tour event.
For example, the "Walking course for touring finance-related areas" visits financial institutes and historical sites, and is designed to be entertaining, with finance-themed quizzes and more.
Because the guide provides the conversation topics, it is easier to get over your shyness. There are many events that help even reserved and timid participants to naturally overcome their shyness towards others.

A group of friends, who motivate and encourage each other, can really help you keep up your walking routine.