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10 tips for starting and keeping a walking routine!

Tip 9

What to do when it rains?

When it rains and you do not want to go out, be gentle on yourself. Why not try some easy exercises at home instead?
Here are ideas for exercising at home. Perform them safely at your own pace, whenever and however much you want.

< Squats >

Try these slow training squats. Slow training is a method of muscle training through slow movements. Although it causes relatively light stress on the body, the slow movements effectively build and strengthen muscle. Stand with your feet shoulder-distance apart, then pull your buttocks back and lean slightly forward. Do not let your knees protrude forward, and do not squat all the way down. Repeat this slow squat-and-stand cycle. To prevent putting stress on the knees, do not let the knees protrude beyond your toes. If you are careful of your posture, this is a safe and effective exercise.

< Air jump rope >

This is to jump rope without using a jump rope. The benefit of not using a jump rope is that you can avoid tripping on the rope even when you get tired, which means you do not have to stop your exercise mid-way. Also, you can do this alone, indoors, and at your own pace, without being careful of others. This is a great indoor exercise because it requires neither height nor width.

< High knees >

Stand up straight, and slowly walk in place. Be sure to lift your knees high. This exercise is commonly used to train an inner muscle called the iliopsoas, and is also known to be effective on belly fat.

We also recommend dancing with a DVD. You should keep up your exercise even on rainy days.