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10 tips for starting and keeping a walking routine!

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What and how to drink when walking

The adult body contains approximately 60% water. It is very important to replenish water lost through perspiration, etc., to prevent heatstroke and other impairments, particularly in the summer when we tend to sweat a lot. Let's look at what and how you should drink when walking.

What should you drink when walking?

What is the best drink for walking?
Because walking is not a strenuous exercise, compared to, for instance, marathons or basketball, in general drinking water should be enough.
However, if you expect to sweat a lot, for example during hot seasons or if you plan to walk for many hours, you may lose minerals a lot, such as sodium and potassium. In that case, it is good to take an appropriate amount of minerals (salts, etc.).
Sports drinks contain a lot of sugar in addition to minerals, so be careful not to drink too much.

When should you hydrate?

It is important that the amount of water you drink is equivalent to the amount of water you lose through perspiration. To safely prevent dehydration and walk safely, we recommend hydrating yourself frequently and in small amounts before you feel thirsty—before, during and after your walk.
Severe dehydration can lead to convulsion, heatstroke, apoplexy, heart attacks or other health impairments.