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10 tips for starting and keeping a walking routine!

Tip 1

The appeal of walking

According to the the Japan Cabinet's "Opinion poll regarding the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games" (announced in 2015), 50.8% answered "walking." to the question, "Have you done any exercise or sports within the past year?" This was the highest of all answers. Let's take a look at its appeal.

Walking does not take effort.

When asked why they started a walking routine, people answered, "It is easy to start," "It does not cost" and "You can start anytime." Many people think walking is attractive because it can be naturally incorporated into our daily lives and we don't have to exert ourselves.

What are the benefits of walking?

What are the effects of walking? Here are a few.

< Prevents lifestyle diseases >

Walking reduces blood sugar levels and blood pressure. It is also said to reduce risks of lifestyle diseases, including coronary diseases and strokes.

< Improves cardiopulmonary functions >

Walking helps maintain and improve physical fitness, including overall endurance (toughness) and muscle strength.

< Prevents obesity >

Walking consumes energy and helps reduce waist measures and weight.

< Relieves stress >

Walking can be a great change of mood and stress-release.

Many people love walking because of its effortlessness and the variety of benefits you can expect. We will add that it is also easy to make walking custom and stick to it.