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Infection Disease Control

The Bureau of Social Welfare and Public Health supervises and provides guidance for food and medicine, and measures for environmental health and infectious diseases, in order to properly respond to health crises.

If you feel ill during your stay in Tokyo, please read this!


Visitors to Tokyo
Your symptoms may be from an infectious disease!

Multilingual Booklets about Infectious Diseases (External Link)

Tuberculosis “Is your persistent cough really just a cold?”

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What is tuberculosis (TB)?
A person can be infected with TB by inhaling bacteria spreading through the air from the coughs or sneezes of a TB patient deep into the lungs.
Consult a doctor if your cough lasts longer than two weeks.

Multilingual leaflet about Tuberculosis (External Link)

Infectious Disease Outbreaks in Tokyo

Information on outbreaks of infectious diseases in Tokyo is offered in various languages.

Infectious Disease Outbreaks in Tokyo (External Link)

外部サイトへリンク 新規ウインドウで開きます。Infectious Disease Outbreaks in Tokyo

In preparation for a novel influenza outbreak

Novel influenza emerged and came to spread efficiently fromperson to person as a result of the influenza virus (bird influenzavirus) being anomalously transmitted to a person, where it usuallyonly spreads among animals (and particularly birds), and undergoinga mutation within the body of that person or pig.Unlike with seasonal influenza, which becomes prevalent everyyear, most people do not have immunity to the novel influenza virus.Thus, it harbors the potential of becoming pandemic.

Multilingual Booklets about a novel influenza pandemic (External Link)


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