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Recovering at a Designated Hotel

 The results of your viral test for COVID-19 have come back positive. A comprehensive evaluation by a physician has concluded that you do not necessarily require hospitalized treatment. However, to prevent the spread of the virus to others, you will be asked to stay at a hotel to recuperate while monitoring your health.

 Although you will not be provided with medical treatment during your stay, your health will be observed (daily temperature and health condition checks), with nurses on standby in preparation for any sudden change in your condition.

 We ask for your understanding and cooperation.

Recovery at the hotel


  • A bento box meal and beverage will be provided three times a day at the hotel lobby. An announcement will be made once preparations are finished. Please remain in your room until the announcement is made.
  • Please eat in your room. (No eating or drinking in the lobby.)


  • You will be provided with one mask per day. The mask will be given to you with your breakfast.

Monitoring your health

  • Please take your temperature and use the pulse oximeter to monitor your SpO2 (oxygen saturation) twice a day.

  • If you experience any change in your condition, such as a fever of 37.5 degrees Celsius or higher, please immediately contact the secretariat.

  • Medical treatment is not provided at the hotel.

Other important matters

  • Please follow instructions from the hotel secretariat staff.

  • Please contact the secretariat if you have concerns regarding life in the hotel or health conditions.

  • The Tokyo Metropolitan Government will send a vehicle to your residence to take you directly to the hotel. You may not leave the vehicle until it drops you off at the hotel.

What to bring:

□ Health insurance card, thermometer, medications you are currently taking

□ Bath and other towels, sleepwear

□ Mobile phone, chargers

Room amenities:

□ Free Wi-Fi

□ Television

□ Mini fridge

□ Electric kettle

□ Hair dryer

□ Body wash, shampoo, conditioner

Leaving the hotel

  • You will be allowed to leave the hotel if 10 days have passed from the onset of symptoms and 72 hours have passed since symptoms cleared (for asymptomatic patients, if 10 days have passed since a sample was taken for the viral test) and if a check by a doctor or nurse reveals no major change in symptoms.

  • The Tokyo Metropolitan Government will notify your public health center about the end of your stay.

  • PCR testing will not be carried out at hotels.

  • A certificate of recovery at a designated facility can be issued when you leave.

  • Please make your own travel arrangements for returning home, such as using public transportation.


  • Leaving the hotel without permission.

  • Leaving the room other than to pick up meals.

  • Smoking or consuming alcohol in the hotel.

  • Requesting food delivery or online purchases to be sent to the hotel.

  • Engaging in activities, such as photography, that infringe on the privacy of other patients.


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