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About us

Aiming to overcome the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and make Tokyo a city in which everyone can maintain active and fulfilled lives!

In the continuing fight against COVID-19, a variety of issues are being caused also in the Tokyo metropolitan area which are directly affecting metropolitan citizens’ lives. These include the combination of infection increase prevention measures and socioeconomic activities, the ideal forms for medical care delivery systems in emergencies, and the building of a safety net for persons living in poverty. On the other hand, Japan is currently experiencing a declining birthrate and aging population which are changing at a rapid rate that has never been experienced before. In Tokyo, from a peak in 2025 when the baby boomer generation will reach ages of 75 or older, the population will shift to a reducing trend, and it is expected that about one in every four Tokyo residents will be over the age of 65 by 2035. In addition, the experiences following the Great East Japan Earthquake, the Kumamoto Earthquakes, Typhoon Hagibis in October 2019, etc. indicate the importance of taking measures such as maintaining medical care functions when disasters occur and providing support for the elderly and people with disabilities who require special consideration in times of disaster.

Under these conditions, in order to realize a society in which metropolitan area residents can live their lives with peace of mind into the future, it is necessary to implement activities to realize comprehensive social welfare, public health, and medical care services while adopting a medium- to long-term perspective based on the results of implementing previous projects and programs. It is also necessary to make swift and appropriate responses to rapid changes in the socioeconomic environment and also to urgent and unexpected situations such as earthquakes, and to aim to develop effective policies. To achieve these aims, the following types of policies will be pursued under the highest priority in FY2021.

Firstly, in the child/family, the elderly, people with disabilities, and livelihood welfare fields, the TMG pursues policies intended to support independent living in the community. It conducts activities to realize the expansion of daycare services, enhancement of the Child Guidance Office system, building of regional comprehensive care systems, development of facilities and other homes supporting the various needs of the elderly, provision of comprehensive infrastructures, etc. required to enable people with disabilities to live in the community with peace of mind, support for low-income earners and displaced workers that will allow them to live securely, and comprehensive measures to secure, train and retain social welfare human resources.

Secondly, in the fields of health and medical care, the TMG pursues policies aiming to realize an environment that allows residents to receive high quality medical care and live in good health. It implements activities to develop an environment that can provide in-home medical care, develop medical care delivery systems including for emergency and disaster medical care and for child and perinatal period medical care, as well as securing and improving the quality of the medical care human resources required to support these systems. In addition, the TMG promotes health such as by working to improve cancer screening diagnosis rates and preventing the adverse effects on health caused by passive smoking indoors, and implements activities to realize a city that is comfortable to live in both for people who smoke and for non-smokers.

Thirdly, in the fields of public health and safety, the TMG pursues policies to protect metropolitan area residents from ever-diversifying public health dangers. It continues to implement activities including infectious disease countermeasures for the novel coronavirus disease while working to eradicate dangerous drugs and maintaining the safety of foods, pharmaceuticals, the living environment, and drinking water.

In addition to these policies, the TMG will efficiently and effectively pursue various policies which match the needs of metropolitan area residents from a broad-based perspective while utilizing private sector, regional and administrative powers to the maximum extent. Going forward, the TMG will continue to actively develop social welfare, public health, and medical care policies which are suitable for Tokyo as a major city, and will conduct activities to realize a city that will let everyone live active and fulfilled lives.


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